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Our Story

S and S Staffing & Events began in 2020 as a third-party meal delivery service, known as Local Flavor KC. As that business evolved, we began to do deliveries for local catering companies. Often, the caterers would ask if our delivery personnel could stay and help cater the events. Our deliveries for the caterers grew, as well as the requests for assistance. We began to add experienced servers to our team and would schedule

them to work events for the catering companies. We started getting requests for dishwashers and prep cooks too, so we added those positions to our team. As we provided the staff members to some local hotels, they began to inquire about housekeepers and public area maintenance personnel. We then added those positions to our company and are now providing them daily to various hotels. In addition, we have taken on delivery and setup for customers in need of small equipment from local rental companies. Adding G. Scott Event Consulting as the latest arm of S and S Staffing, this part of the company will be focused on assisting planners and coordinators with their events.

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